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3128Re: the dance of attraction and repulsion

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  • Jeff Belyea <jeff@suiteonedesign.com>
    Feb 2, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Melody" <
      melodyande@c...> wrote:
      > This is the kind of dance of
      > attraction and repulsion I was
      > talking about, Jeff.
      > Each is responding based on
      > their experience of their
      > two 'energetics' bumping
      > into each other...are they not?
      > If either of them were to stop
      > experiencing the other relative
      > to herself,
      > from whence could any of these
      > statements arise:

      Melody -

      Yes, a good (bad) example. It is the
      movement beyond relativity that frees us.
      These are ego dances, as you recognize,
      and the flair ups and rooster-fight
      posturing will probabaly not win any
      dance contests.

      Enlightenment frees us, but the ego
      rises again in even the most enlightened,
      I suspect, with rare, rare, exception.

      The paradox of a separate reality in
      which only perfection is experienced is
      a resolution of separation and an
      experience of nonduality. All is well.
      Perfect. Just as it is. Awakening to
      this and how we express our awakening
      is what all of the verbal ping pong,
      is about. The dance in the realm of
      the ego plays on.

      "The flesh (relative, rational mind)
      wars with the spirit (the mind of
      Christ, the nondual realized state,
      beyond relative knowledge, beyond
      concept and rational explanation)
      as long as we are in these
      mortal frames."

      At the level of a meditaion site, with
      many players who have experienced nondual
      realization, the game can get heated. But
      it's still a game and its as light as a
      ping pong ball.

      Bob Rose keeps it in perspective by
      reminding us that this reflects the
      play of consciousness within each
      of us.

      Enjoying life and love,


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