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309"Self"less acts

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  • eveneon
    Apr 21, 2002
      This doesn't have anything to do with a particular meditation
      technique, but since it has to do with meditative concepts, or rather
      concepts to meditate on, I thought I would share it with the group.
      I wrote this today in a journal that I keep, while contemplating the
      motivation for helping others.

      -- When you do things for others, it is for one of two reasons:
      1)because it makes you feel good (which is actually a selfish
      2)because you recognize that your ego(self) is not who you are.
      Your actions are truely in the service of others. They are true
      selfless actions because there is no "self" motivated to do
      the action.

      But then this lead me to ask, "Who" is the selfless act for?

      Any thoughts?

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