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301Re: Some Questions

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 15, 2002
      The main thing I want to suggest is that you keep trying to meditate.
      It is possible that the 3rd eye technique isn't the right one for
      you, or perhaps that you need to do it by itself, and not try to
      combine it with the breath awareness method.The main thing is that
      you are becoming more and more at one with your inner Witness, which
      is your "Real Self". The 3rd eye technique is detailed at
      and you may well benefit by reviewing it.Similarly, the Soham
      technique can be found at http://www.meditationsociety.com/week.html
      This is the most common form of the Hong/Sau technique you refer to.
      They are both excellent methods to concentrate on. Both can take
      years to "master". Meditation simply will come to you and the effort
      to concentrate will not be needed. It's a matter of Grace. As far as
      relaxing enough to sleep, tensing each body part for about 12
      seconds, and then relaxing them, in sequence (usually going from the
      toes on up the body to the top of your head). This works very well to
      set the stage for a tension free entry into the sleep phase. But,
      whatever level of consciousness you are in, practice the habit of
      silently Witnessing your life as it takes place. This will bring
      focus and Self control as well as Self knowledge to you. Your inner
      Witness is always available to you. Simply stop reacting to the
      distractions that have taken your focus away. I want to suggest one
      more technique that is very good at letting you start recognizing how
      your mind distracts you. It is the Blank Screen technique and can be
      found at
      In any event, please be kind to your Self. and don't consider
      yourself as a failure or anything negative when you "fail" at
      meditation. I really believe that those are the best meditations
      because they offer the opportunity to Witness what is distracting
      you. You will inevitably, eventually eliminate them and there
      revealed to you will be the glorious divine Reality that you
      are,always have been, and always will be a part of. And you will live
      happily ever after.

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      I'm a student, and I'm rather dissatisfied how much time I spend
      doing useless things when I should be doing schoolwork. I also
      don't get much sleep. I've tried a meditation technique for
      concentration in which one sits with their eyes closed,
      concentrating on the point between their eyebrows while mentally
      saying Hong/Sau on each inhalation/exhalation. This is for 12 sets
      of 12 breaths. I tried this for about a week, and after while I became
      impatient and stopped. I tried it again today and I realized that its
      very difficult to find this spot between your eyebrows with your eyes
      closed. Are there any meditative techniques to combat my lack of
      willpower and lack of sleep? How can I find that spot between my
      eyebrows with my eyes closed and how long does it take until the
      effects of meditation show themselves?
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