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  • cresciniausone
    Apr 15, 2002
      Chemistry, physics, botany, medicine, archeology, tanatology,
      photography, coin collecting, Biblical exegesis, the science of
      textiles, the history of art, microscopic observation, space science
      and modern computers continue stubbornly to try to answer the
      fascinating question: who is the man of the Shroud? An incredible
      series of coincidences between the Shroud Image and the Evangelical
      Figure of the Man of Sorrows, crucified in Jerusalem when Pontius
      Pilate was public prosecutor makes it certain that the Sheet kept in
      Turin is that which wrapped the Body of Christ.
      In fact nowadays when we are so preoccupied with images, highly
      sophisticated scientific research and electronic computers, so far
      from the Faith of simple people, have penetrated the Mystery of the
      Shroud Imprint to the point of making us say: the Shroud is not a
      work of man nor of physical causes known to man. We owe them our
      gratitude for this Message to an inattentive and disappointed mankind
      that only in Christ can the Eternal live and not the transient.
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