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  • medit8ionsociety
    Aug 20, 2001
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      As a sample of the types of questions and snswers
      you can expect to see on this message board, I have
      copied a few of the ones from Meditation Stations FAQ.
      If you would like to comment on them, that's what
      this is all about. Do you have any questions of your
      own? Ask and they shall be answered. Have you wanted
      to share a concept or experience you have had?
      Here's your chance. Enjoy!<br>Peace and
      blessings,<br>Bob Rose, President,<br>Meditation Society of
      America<br><br>Meditation Q & A<br><br>Question <br> I have been meditating
      for about a year now, and although I feel I am doing
      it correctly as I am able to relax almost at will, I
      don't seem to be able to get past a certain point. How
      can I progress in my meditation
      practice?<br>Answer<br>The next step beyond interesting meditations, is to
      undo those things that are preventing the universe
      from filling you. Just as a pharmacist would never
      fill a prescription and put it in a soiled vial, the
      highest power can only fill the vessel you are to the
      degree of purity you present. If you have anger, how
      much room can there be for forgiveness, if you have
      hate,<br>how can love be there, if you have mental, physical,
      or emotional tension, how can there be tranquility.
      Witnessing your life attentively, silently, honestly, and as
      continuously as possible, will give you the
      understanding<br>you need to end habitual, often subconscious
      reactions that cause you to be filled with negativity. When
      you realize that you have been hitting your head on
      the wall, you will stop. And it will feel great,
      allow a greater<br>functionality to your life, and save
      money on Tylenol and bandages also. You must witness
      your life as it takes place to do this. The silent
      inner Witness that has always been there, and is aware
      of everything your mind, body, and emotions
      experience, is your Real Self. When we meditate, we gain a
      recognition/experience of this. You already are a receiver of all the
      energy in the universe. Your inner chatterer has
      prevented you from realizing this. Stop it via meditation
      techniques, become at one with your Witness, and live happily
      ever after.<br><br>Question<br> I am a beginner at
      meditating. Could you please give me a simple, beginners
      program to meditating? <br>Answer<br>I suggest that you
      read the Concepts of Meditation and What is Meditation
      sections of Meditation Station. The last listed meditation
      technique, 108, An Easy Hard Technique, is very good for
      tracking your progress. I also want to emphasize that not
      every type method is good for everyone, and that you
      may have to try several different ones before you
      find one that "works" for you. It works if it brings
      you peace. It doesn't if it takes your peace away.
      Experiment. One technique I have found to be very beneficial
      is the chanting of a mantra. I'm pretty sure more
      people are chanting OM than all the other techniques put
      together. There is no better thing you can do for yourself
      than learning and doing meditation. It will bring
      clarity of thought, self control, and bliss to your life.
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