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2990Daily Practice

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  • musicman153 <musicman153@hotmail.com>
    Feb 1, 2003
      Greetings one and all,
      Looking forward to getting to know you all. After joining this
      group several days ago I've been watching with amazment at the
      number of members posting on a regular basis. Curiosity has me
      wondering if everyone here has a daily meditation Practice. I
      participate in several groups and have found few dedicated to the
      pursuit of Higher Consience enough to take the time to turn off the
      television perhaps light a candle and still oneself for long enough
      to realize that everythings ok. I know for me the most difficult
      thing to do was to disipline myself to take time daily to practice.
      Just to let you know I click on those links you leave, If someone
      posts something interesting I look at their profiles find their
      homepages and generaly put a personality with the poster lol!
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