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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 1, 2003
      Dear Dragonpuffs,

      Nice name by the way, your Mom made a wonderful choice in naming you
      that, it truly is a unique and wonderful name. There is nothing wrong
      with following your own intuition and inner voice, but there is also
      nothing wrong with listening to a Guru and following that voice
      either. Ganga never told you to stop listening to your inner voice,
      this is just your ego reacting and filtering the message to your own
      egos liking, justifying what it wants to hear. You are not open,
      listening to anything Ganga is telling you, your ego is too big and
      too in the way. And then there is the childish act of name calling
      and putting down. That is very mature and spiritual. That really
      shows that you are wiser than the guru. The Guru does not resort to
      name calling or childish acts like that. The guru is unmoved by all
      of this, doesn't respond from ego, while ones like you and me, the
      seekers with big egos react, resort to vulgarity, name calling,
      sarcasm, etc. Until the ego is dissolved you cannot see clearly and
      the ego is constantly in center stage. Unfortunately, that is what is
      happening in your case. And your ego is very excited when others on
      this site validate your beliefs and support your egos justifications.
      It is so sad to watch, to see truth turned down and ego fantasies to
      be believed in. If only you had some distance and time, you would see
      what is spoken here. The interaction you had with Ganga has never
      been negative on her own nor has she ever forced anything onto you,
      she is just trying to help you, to help you break free from your own
      self-created illusions. May you find truth and the freedom which you
      are seeking. Love Steve

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, dragonpuffs7777
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:

      > <you might do better to stick with my interpretation it really
      > paints

      > > you in a much better light than what you are saying right now--- >

      > Oh no, where is Tom Hanks when you need him? Now ganga is telling


      > to stop listening to my own intuition, my own small still voice,


      > to listen to her big loud stupid one, instead! G, you have, in


      > confirmed that my inner voice can be trusted very well, thank you.
      > I read in this place before I joined and saw in you somewhere I
      > never wanted to end up at but somewhere I was finding myself
      > hovering around in some dark attraction. Well, they say a teacher
      > teaches best what she most needs to learn and you teach by bad
      > example very well. Your broom is in the closet. Let me show you to
      > the door.
      > In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "G
      > <crystalkundalini@h...>" <crystalkundalini@h...> wrote:

      > > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com,
      > > dragonpuffs7777 <no_reply@y...> wrote:

      > > > That would be your interpretation if it were your own dream. My
      > > > interpretation is the true meaning as it comes from me to me.

      > > IT's about how I am percieving many of the members of this
      > > group (not all,) and in this group specifically rather than in


      > 3-d

      > > > world or in other groups, and that's why I put it here. You and

      > > they look like fundamentalist nothingists. It is a dream about
      > > what part of me I'd choose to steer clear of. But, of course, I
      > > didn't steer clear, and that means I want to confront people


      > > you because something in me started to gell and be automatic,
      > > which is the way you are to me, so I can get you out of my
      > > system and move on.
      > >
      > >
      > > G: did you ever stop to think you may not be real objective


      > > it? of course you are going to interpret it in your best

      > light...

      > >
      > > ah.... i have never been "in" your system... the only one in

      > there

      > > is you.... if i'm in there and if it is your perception of

      > people in

      > > this group then my dear that is even a sadder commentary on it
      > > than before.... everyone is trying to rip you off... and

      > seeking

      > > your approval ? sneaking into your place and squatting there....
      > > oh my dear.... and your so cramped that you can't move....
      > >
      > > you might do better to stick with my interpretation it really

      > paints

      > > you in a much better light than what you are saying right now.....
      > >
      > > what you end up doing is simply confronting yourself, if there


      > > a need to *confront* anything.... so which is it - is it about
      > > confronting the people here or steering away from your own
      > > perceptions? you are sounding more and more confused .....
      > > boy am i glad that
      > >
      > > shanti om ..g...
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