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  • Jeff Belyea <jeff@suiteonedesign.com>
    Feb 1, 2003
      (Excerpt from Sunrise
      At Two Lions. Billy is
      talking to his Mother
      about forgiveness...)

      God wants us happy and free
      of fear and doubt. That's what
      turning to God does, it frees
      us of fear and doubt, and allows
      God's tender mercies and radiant
      beam of light to bring our hearts
      alive and full of joy. When that
      happens, zero mileage on our
      conscience, complete forgiveness
      felt from within, and we completely
      forgive everyone who has ever
      offended us.

      We again become radiant lights
      of love and purity that we were
      as newborn babes. We feel love and
      kindness and compassion for all.
      That is God's character, and it
      becomes our character when the sun
      rises every day. Everything becomes
      fresh and new again, including us.

      And when we learn to stop listening
      to those lions of fear and doubt and
      look for the light, we live in paradise
      – right here on earth. That's the way
      it was meant to be. And when we wander
      away, we have a helper, a light to guide
      us back. That's the Holy Spirit, the
      inner guidance, the inner light that
      all the great masters speak of in
      their teachings
      "Your father will never forgive me,"
      Rachael countered, still holding on to
      the old fears and doubts that had been
      her companions for so long.

      "He will as soon as he forgives
      himself," Billy said.


      More flowers from the flowery one,
      meditating in light and love,