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  • Jason <jfishman2@msn.com>
    Feb 1, 2003
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      Before I take flight, I wanted to share with you all the last note
      that will truly make it all come together, maybe. Never know, my
      plane could blow up and then where would ya be? Sit back, take a
      deep breath and open up your mind to everything, here we go... are
      ya ready? You better be ready cause this is what ya all say your
      looking for or are pretending ya found... OK

      Dan: when the self-dissolving nature of the circle is obvious,
      there is no need to go round in circles.

      You're almost there, yet infinitely far away…

      A need is a need and a need is a contradiction to the whom is doing
      the need perspective. It's a twist and leads right back to the
      initial question asked. Now twist what you said it may read…

      When the nature of the circle is obvious, (the self-dissolving part
      is erroneous and leads down another path entirely)
      Then there is no reason to go round in circles (although I like

      Or twist it yet again…

      When the nature of the circle is obvious,
      You make a choice to follow it or not.

      One more twist, just for fun…

      When the circle is not obvious,
      You may continue down it till it becomes obvious or you may not, the

      There is no escape from the circles only choices that led to other
      circles. Regardless of where you put the I or the who or the yahoo
      even, it will never change that it exists and you're just another
      part of it all, nor will conditioning cease to play it's part.

      You can try to force things, change them, mold them to your liking
      or disliking, yet nothing really ever changes it's just transfered
      to something else, only the view from yourself. What IS, is or so
      I'm told.

      Oh, one more twist…

      When the path you choose, unfolds before you
      Will you see the next fork in the road or continue down the same
      path, endlessly…

      Same stuff, slightly skewed…

      For those of you still stuck in a position, as soon as you start
      defending it to anyone including yourself you'll know your stuck,
      then your not part of it all, not coming from a place of
      unconditional love and compassion, are walking hand and hand with
      ego and are out to teach someone what you think is best for your own
      gratitude. The only thing that will ever separate you from anything
      is your view of it. See this and see the understanding of one, not
      two, not two.

      For those of you still "in search of…" here IT is! Nothing you can
      do to twist the twist, a truth in and of itself is true as true will
      ever get. Man, didn't we learn this in grammar school? Simple is
      simply enlightening…

      Enjoy it, share it, post it on your fridge, remind yourself daily
      and when you REALLY get it you will cry tears of joy and find that
      those tears are the same as those of sorrow. One, not two, not two.
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