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  • pontifexxxmaximus
    Apr 14, 2002
      I'm a student, and I'm rather dissatisfied how much time I spend
      doing useless things when I should be doing schoolwork. I also don't
      get much sleep.

      I've tried a meditation technique for concentration in which one sits
      with their eyes closed, concentrating on the point between their
      eyebrows while mentally saying Hong/Sau on each
      inhalation/exhalation. This is for 12 sets of 12 breaths. I tried
      this for about a week, and after while I became impatient and
      stopped. I tried it again today and I realized that its very
      difficult to find this spot between your eyebrows with your eyes

      Are there any meditative techniques to combat my lack of willpower
      and lack of sleep? How can I find that spot between my eyebrows with
      my eyes closed and how long does it take until the effects of
      meditation show themselves?
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