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  • Melody
    Jan 31, 2003
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      >IT's about how I am percieving many of the members of this group
      (not all,) and in this group specifically rather than in the 3-d
      world or in other groups, and that's why I put it here. You and they
      look like fundamentalist nothingists. It is a dream about what part
      of me I'd choose to steer clear of. But, of course, I didn't steer
      clear, and that means I want to confront people like you because
      something in me started to gell and be automatic, which is the way
      you are to me, so I can get you out of my system and move on.

      I appreciate what you write here very much.

      And to say it here, as you have, really speaks volumes about you.

      It's funny in a way that lists such as this one....filled with so many
      people saying "you should really look into this".....LOL.....

      create the very 'atmosphere' that would be the least conducive for someone
      actually doing that. Know what I mean?

      Somehow, this seems to go largely unnoticed....or ignored....
      by those doing the 'helping'.

      Having played that game on both sides of the board,

      it's been my experience that anyone demonstrating
      the least bit of willingness to actually 'take a look' at themselves....

      rather than at what 'others' are doing.....and to do so publicly,
      in the midst of a natural inclination to 'pose' and posture....

      really has my admiration.

      It's the easiest thing in the world to be a 'teacher' or a 'pointer'.

      Quite a different story in the willingness to NOT be...if only
      for a minute.


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