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290What holds back, and what helps meditation and spiritual growth?

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 11, 2002
      Question from Email: What are the greatest drawbacks from progressing
      spiritually and in meditation. Also, what is the best way to conduct
      oneself to avoid "bad karma"?

      Answer: Selfishness and selflessness are the answers to these
      queries. Selfish activity always leads to suffering, as you
      inevitably will go through guilt, regret, self doubt, etc., and these
      will distract you from being able to concentrate. Similarly, all
      selfless actions result in "good karma". Not to push Buddhism, or any
      religion, or system of belief, I do want to point out that one of the
      4 noble truths that Buddha expounded was "Desire is the cause of all
      suffering". And another was that "To end desire will end suffering".
      They have proven to be correct advise/wisdom for the past 2500 years.
      So, when your intention is righteous, as is always the case with
      selfless actions, you avoid all the negative mental and emotional
      things you go through that selfish behavior brings. This allows you
      to concentrate with less distraction, and develop spiritually. There
      are no better things to learn and do than to act with humility and
      compassion. Selfless action achieves this automatically.