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29Need help restarting

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  • astro4u2001
    Oct 13, 2001
      Hi, I just noticed this group & decided to join.
      I've been going through a rough time for the past few
      years & stopped meditating. Recently my husband died &
      I'm scared to be "alone" by myself inwardly &
      otherwise. <br><br>I know meditation would help but I'm very
      much out of the habit & can't seem to get myself back
      into it. I need encouragement or some feedback from
      others. And a reason to live as well. Previously I was a
      long-time meditator & taught it to others. Now I can't even
      get back into doing it to help myself. Any response
      or comment will be deeply appreciated. <br><br>Thanx
      & blessings,<br>Lananda (Astro)
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