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288Reposting Famous Dead Guys (tm) Wisdom

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 9, 2002
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      There have been some comments recently on other newsgroups dealing
      with the appropriateness of posting things that deceased teachers
      have said. How do you feel about this? Personally, I think if it
      pertains to helping understand the answer to a question, it is
      definitly OK, but to just post it to share is another story that
      requires a righteous motivation. For instance, one way to validate
      the postings is if they have helped you "wake up". But it seems that
      very often it is just so the poster gets to see their name associated
      with the famous dead guy(tm), or to somehow convey "Look how well
      read I am, so respect me for having such a wide amount of knowledge",
      or something like that. We have the opportunity here to have original
      input from living famous (and not so famous)ladies and guys, so why
      resort to restating so called "wisdom" from others? What do you
      think? Or, maybe more importantly, what's your gut feeling? This
      question was partly stimulated by an Email I received from a student
      who had been going through her notes from class and really felt she
      "heard" something loud and clear that had earlier not really
      registered when she first heard it. Here's the quote she responded to:

      Bhagavan Ramana:
      "Seek the Self through meditation.
      In this manner, trace every thought back to its
      origin, which is only the mind. Never allow thought
      to run on. If you do, it will be unending. Take it
      back to its starting place, the mind, again and
      again, and it and the mind will both die of
      inaction. The mind exists only by reason of
      thought. Stop that and there is no mind. As each
      doubt and depression arises, ask yourself, "Who is
      it that doubts? What is it that is depressed?" Go
      back constantly to the question, "Who is the 'I'?
      Where is it?" Tear everything away until there is
      nothing but the Source of all left. And then - live
      always in the present and only in it. There is no
      past or future, save in the mind."

      Obviously, wisdom from the wise, and since it fits the criteria
      stated above about helping "wake up" someone, I'm posting it, as she
      requested. Well, unless this has helped you stop thinking, please
      share what do you think.
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