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285Re: Fasting, Meditation and Sleep-needs (again!)

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  • babspiscot
    Apr 7, 2002
      Hi Gustavo!
      Your English is great, you don't need to appologize for it.
      I'm a begginer on this path, but in the about two month since I
      started meditation, my sleep needs diminished a lot. Before I needed
      7,5-8 hours of sleep and now 6-6,5 hours do the job. But there's a
      possible confounding factor: I used to be a smoker and I quit about 6
      weeks ago. This could also influence my sleep needs.
      Good luck, Babs.

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@y..., "Gustavo Daud Amadera"
      <deusminhoca@y...> wrote:
      > (This topic - sleep needs - is of great interest for me, so I
      really needed
      > to ask again :-) Also, thanks to Elizabeth, babs and Bob for their
      > How many hours of sleep do you have each night? And before starting
      > meditation? Do you think there could be a correlation between
      meditation and
      > sleep - say, you usually sleep 8 hours, but one day you spend 2
      hours on
      > deep meditation; would these 2 hours count as x (?) hours of sleep?
      > Anyone noticed decreased amount of sleep needed when fasting?
      (After how
      > many days did you notice it?)
      > When studying Budhism with a Chen Tao monk, I was instructed to
      limit my
      > sleeping time to 4h30 - which I just couldn't do, though I REALLY
      tried -
      > after 2 or 3 days I just wouldn't get up! (I know each person has
      an amount
      > of time needed, ..., BUT I would still love to hear YOUR numbers...)
      > Peace!
      > Namaste!
      > Oss!
      > Gustavo Daud Amadera (Brazil - sorry for the "poor English")
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