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2830Puff and ganga

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  • Melody
    Jan 30, 2003
      I just realized that "Puff" and "Ganga" are
      both slang for marijuana. :-)

      Sounds good to me. How about we take all
      take a few tokes....eat a few brownies....

      and just kick back a little? All in the name
      of 'meditation'. ;-)

      You see, I had a really tough day today. Got
      so upset that I let out a scream in the car as
      I was driving down the road. Looking back at it
      I can only shake my head in wonder over what
      a big 'to do' I had made over losing a source of
      income. I take a step back and look at it in a
      wider context, and sigh.

      [big sigh]

      But the body hasn't followed suit yet....it's
      still tense and tired. A 'toke' sounds really,
      really good about now.

      mary jane

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