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282Re: meditation, effortless happiness, fasting and vegetarianism

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 5, 2002
      Dear Matthew,
      You are off to a good start, and are using one of the most powerful
      possible mantras in OM MANI PADME HUNG (Here's a good site to learn
      more about this mantra):
      There are many more elevating and spiritually evolutionary things
      ahead for you. For instance, you can start becoming more and more
      aware of your life as it takes place. Your Inner Witness will do
      this, and every moment spent this way, disarms the suffering your
      inner Chatterer brings to you. Witness your breath, and you are
      positioned to be aware of your habitual reactivity. You will
      automatically start to shed those things that squander energy and
      your peace away. Remove those things in your life that prevent your
      inner smile from arising. Do those things that stimulate it. Fasting
      is a great way to cleanse, but fasting mentally and emotionally from
      negativity is more purifying than fasting from food. As a vegetarian
      for 38 years, I can't be objective about this at all, but I feel that
      when it is the right time for you to do this, it will happen on its
      own. You will have to become proficient in concentration and this
      usually takes an effort. Then meditation simply comes to you
      effortlessly. We have all the "answers" within us, and when we are
      empty we will fill with all we need for everlasting peace, knowledge,
      awareness, and bliss. Meditation is the best pointer to the things
      that have been preventing our ever-present inner love and beauty from
      filling us. By itself it can't do anything. Grace brings things to us
      (that's what "Thy will be done" is all about). But we can start to
      cleanse and prepare ourselves. After all, a pharmacist will not fill
      bottle with healing medicine unless the bottle is completely free of
      contamination. Can anything less be expected of the Highest? Be
      regular in your practice, persevere. It's hard at times to let things
      happen easily. Swami Sivananda wrote over 350 books, and he summed up
      his whole teaching with this final (for now) suggestionÂ…. "Be
      good. Do
      good." I hope this helps.

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@y..., sinimat78 <no_reply@y...>
      Hello and peace. Thank you for this group, for it is very
      to hear what others are going through as well. I've been meditating
      for only a couple of weeks and I really feel like I'm starting to
      gain control over my life again. I was really in a bad place a
      while back, but things have really been turning around lately. My
      is still putting up a fight, but I know that perserverance will pay
      off. I meditate twice a day for 20 min. each session, usually first
      focusing on my breath and then chanting OM MANI PEME HUNG. During
      my normal day, I've had some very peaceful moments, where my mind is
      completely quiet. As my meditation practice increases, will I have
      more of these moments? Is this my true nature and will I eventually
      be able to maintain this forever? Also, I find that I can, almost at
      any moment, just make myself happy, by smiling in my heart and on my
      face. If I keep doing this consciously, will I eventually be like
      this without effort (which is what we all want, I think)? Finally,
      I've really been thinking about fasting (for the first time) to
      detox my body and aid my meditation practice. I'm also really
      considering becoming a vegetarian. I only eat fish or chicken like
      once a week now, but I think I eventually want to become a
      vegetarian. Does anyone have any comments on fasting, vegetarianism
      and the above questions about effortless happiness? Thank you all
      again and peace.
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