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276Meditation Expereince

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  • tosime@siotel.com
    Mar 27, 2002
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      Hi Everyone,

      Thanks for your excellent advice. This has been a big help to me, especially
      the Hu chant.

      I think I should have mentioned that I practiced an inner sounds meditation
      technique where I used ear plugs and listened to my inner sounds. I think
      this approach contributed to my "sound current" experience.

      I suspended my meditation because I felt I was subtly expecting too much
      from the practice and this was influencing my sessions. My sense is that
      meditation helps a natural process unfold. However, if you push too hard,
      expecting enlightenment or higher levels of consciousness, this disturbs the
      process and you can get stuck in some corner.

      I found myself experimenting a lot. While I had some success and gained some
      insights I felt overall, I was doing more harm than good. An example of one
      of my techniques is to focus on the most subtle sound out of all the sounds
      I can hear. This produced an effect similar to going through a door into
      another room. In this room of subtler sounds I would repeat the process and
      go deeper still. I found this to be an excellent way to go deeper and deeper
      into my meditation. But is this where one should go? Are you not moving too
      fast? My sense is that by relaxing and letting your inner self take control,
      it will lead you in the right direction at the right pace.

      I had the feeling that aiming for the sensations of bliss, while pleasant,
      could be limiting. I could not be sure if the feelings would take me further
      or if they were a diversion - like a pretty scene on a journey. By
      suspending my meditation, I can start on a fresh slate and be more open to
      different directions. One point though is that I felt the feelings of bliss
      were healthy, that is they contributed to my improved physical and mental
      health and helped me cope with the stress of day to day living. My personal
      explanation of the sounds and the feelings of bliss is that I opened up one
      of my glands that produces endorphins. I appear to have made more conscious
      a normally subconscious process.

      Thank you again for your insights. I welcome additional comments.

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