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2667re: Meditation in Education

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  • freyjartist@aol.com
    Jan 28, 2003
      For anyone wanting to get in touch with Bob from Malaga, his emailaddress is:<A HREF="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/meditationsocietyofamerica/post?protectID=137017237063040089162134075143114253078105139218183041">

      Hi Bob,

      Speaking of Bob from Malaga, would i be welcome
      to get in touch with him re: the meditation in education

      I was informally incorporating breathing, visualizations
      and relaxation techniques before
      my art classes when i was teaching in a school
      for special kids a few years ago. I received
      no resistance from them, and they even asked
      for it. Another thing i did was to spray diluted rose oil
      in the classroom between classes to change the ions from positive to
      works like a thunderstorm does.

      I continue to witness all the stress all kids are
      under these days, and i feel especially motivated
      to make a concerted effort to join in on this endeavor
      on a larger scale, to help make stress management
      more of a priority,
      as you say, sooner rather than later.
      It seems very do-able. Time to walk the talk.

      will keep you posted,

      thank you Bob,


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