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264Yahoo Advertising Alert

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 30, 2002
      The following was posted by Melody on the NDS message board. I found
      it applied to me and if you have a Yahoo ID, it applies to you also:

      I received the following alert, checked my page, and found it had all
      been reset to YES. Everyone might want to check their pages to help
      prevent getting ads.

      You may remember when you signed up for a Yahoo ID and were asked by
      them if you wished to receive any "Special Offers & Marketing
      Communications."Yahoo recently revised their privacy policy. As a
      result, and regardless if you chose to receive any of these "Special
      Offers" or not when you signed up for your Yahoo ID, Yahoo have set
      every single person who has a Yahoo ID (and those that have more than
      one) to "Yes" in these preferences. This means that you may well be
      inundated with even more junk mail than you are already receiving.
      In order to change your settings back to whatever you had them at
      before, you will need to log in to your account and physically change
      them.Login at the following URL - you will be prompted for your Yahoo
      ID and password:
      The middle segment within the Member Information (email addresses)
      section has a link to: Edit your marketing references.
      Click on this link and you will see all of your settings were changed
      to "Yes." Meaning of course that you will receive all kinds of
      "offers" from Yahoo and their "partners." Unless you wish to receive
      even more junk mail than you are already getting, you may wish to go
      through the entire page and choose whether to receive such notices.
      Also, right at the bottom of the page are other ways you could be
      notified - by phone or postal mail. Unless you wish to receive
      unsolicited phone calls and paper junk mail, you will need to change
      these settings to "No" also. Once you have finished your selections,
      make sure you click on the Save Changes button right at the bottom of
      the page. Yahoo is supposedly sending out notices to all its users
      regarding this particular change. However, it is estimated it will
      take several weeks for everyone to receive their notification. In the
      meantime ...a considerable amount of marketing mail could be making
      its way to everyone's mail boxes.