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258Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: question to anybody

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  • joe@salerno.com
    Mar 28, 2002
      > I feel a kind of pain in my throat, like a
      > muscular spasm, it doesn't interfere but worries me a bit. Can I do
      > something to stop this, do I do something wrong?

      I have had sensations in the various kundalini during contemplation, it
      subsided after a while. Every once in a while I may be aware of such but I
      feel no concern over it. IMO it is an indication of progress.

      > And second, sometimes, when more focused, I have the feeling of
      > splitting in two, a part of me (the "brain") is getting smaller and
      > smaller and the other part (?) is growing huge, sometimes like a
      > pillar, sometimes more like an ovoid, reaching towards the sky.
      > This morning it was different, like a sphere of dense and bright
      > white light, surrounding me like a soft cocoon, almost material, it
      > felt great, soothing and fulfilling in the same time. I didn't want
      > to leave it (had some difficulty getting out and it was one of my
      > longest meditations) and had an urge to fill the sphere with love. In
      > the same time my body felt like a whole, couldn't differentiate
      > between its parts. Am I on the right track or completely out of it?

      I would say you are doing quite well. If you get the opportunity again
      filling it with love sounds like a good thing to do.

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