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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 28, 2002
      Dear Edit, You certainly are going in the right direction. The pain in
      the throat is most likely the way your mind is distracting you at this
      time. When you no longer react to this, your mind will come up with
      something else. The splitting in two is very similar to the way that a
      priest named Pere Telil DeChardin (Spelling?), described the path to
      enlightenment. He said that as we begin to be able to concentrate
      better and better, our mind expands greatly as our ego becomes
      smaller. Picture a balloon expanding and filling with pure energy,
      while the amount of impurities remains the same, or even decreases. We
      eventually reach what he called the Omega point, where the balloon is
      so full that it explodes, and we are no longer trapped inside
      anything, and merge with the infinite. He called this state Christ
      Consciousness. He came close to being excommunicated for this, because
      it points to us merging with God, and that was considered heresy. But,
      as Saint Martha would say, "It's a good thing". As a matter of fact it
      is the best thing.
      Yes, this is Easter time, the time of rebirth to everlasting Divine
      experience, and also Passover, the time that death passes over us, and
      we end our slavery. These experiences are the everavailable gifts
      meditation points to. It is appropriate to feel encouraged as we have
      our own Omega point moments. Enjoy!
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@y..., babspiscot <no_reply@y...>
      > Hello Bob,
      > Thank you for your insight, it was helpful and encouraging. I'd like
      > to ask two other questions regarding some personal experiences. One,
      > often, when meditating, I feel a kind of pain in my throat, like a
      > muscular spasm, it doesn't interfere but worries me a bit. Can I do
      > something to stop this, do I do something wrong?
      > And second, sometimes, when more focused, I have the feeling of
      > splitting in two, a part of me (the "brain") is getting smaller and
      > smaller and the other part (?) is growing huge, sometimes like a
      > pillar, sometimes more like an ovoid, reaching towards the sky.
      > This morning it was different, like a sphere of dense and bright
      > white light, surrounding me like a soft cocoon, almost material, it
      > felt great, soothing and fulfilling in the same time. I didn't want
      > to leave it (had some difficulty getting out and it was one of my
      > longest meditations) and had an urge to fill the sphere with love.
      > the same time my body felt like a whole, couldn't differentiate
      > between its parts. Am I on the right track or completely out of it?
      > Have no idea.
      > Thank you for your time and your help. Happy Easter, Edit
      > --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@y..., medit8ionsociety
      > <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > > Dear Edit,
      > > What is very good here is that your inner Witness, your awareness,
      > > has recognized the inner Chatterer. Your mind has been an
      > everpresent
      > > judge, comparing and commenting non-stop on everything and
      > > Through meditation, you have been giving it a task, in this case
      > > follow your breath, and this has kept it busy. This is a sign that
      > > you are becoming the master and your mind is becoming the servant.
      > It
      > > will try to distract you and regain the master position. That is
      > what
      > > the "constant noise" is. Persevere. Be regular in your practice.
      > Your
      > > mind will tire and submit naturally, eventually. The mind is a
      > > good tool, but must be used skillfully, appropriatly. Your
      > intuition,
      > > your "gut feeling", the heart, is much better for making
      > > and the mind is much better at making sure you received the right
      > > amount of change at the 7-11. The more you give it a task to do,
      > > like following your breath, it will be occupied and not pursue its
      > > distracting chatter. Soon your radio will be tuned into the
      > > strongest, clearest signal there is, the Divine station, OM, and
      > you
      > > will live happily ever after.
      > >
      > > babspiscot <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > > > Hello!
      > > > I'm rather new in meditation and in this group, trying to find
      > > way alone. Naturally, lots of unanswered questions. One that is
      > more
      > > stringent: when trying to concentrate (following my breath) I am
      > > able to go on, don't lose the thread, but there are very often
      > > kind of thoughts in the back, like a constant noise (would compare
      > it
      > > with a radio that's not well tuned). It's like having half of my
      > mind
      > > here and half there. How could I get rid of this? Lately these
      > > background thoughts are mostly about meditation. Thank you, Edit.
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