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  • dragonpuffs7777
    Jan 25, 2003
      They can be all sorts of things. The most pleasant is just taking a
      walk or a ride with someone else driving and, while leaving the
      words in your mind to the barest minimum, reach out an imaginary
      hand and stroke everything you pass until you can actually feel it
      so well that it's as if you were really out there. At first, you
      won't even be able to find the location of what you see, but when
      your brain makes the switch it will know exactly where in space
      everything is.

      When you walk, again let words dwindle, and put your attention away
      from your body and out into what's around you. Imagine that the
      whole world in front of you is your body. Go to places that are
      considered ugly and look at the light and shadow and color instead
      of noticing by definition what it is you see. Imagine you'd been
      blind your whole life and you're seeing for the first time.

      The not pleasant things you can do are done sitting at attention
      lotus style. I say not pleasant because they aren't relaxation type
      meditation but more of mental tricks to confuse your brain and end
      up alot closer in a hurry to the just plain nothing. You'd start by
      forcing your attention forward into the dark space and never letting
      your thoughts or your eyes drift off the far side or into your head.
      You have to be able to look at all the little flickers of lights and
      static fuzz behind your eyelids as if you had your eyes open and
      were reading. Then, project words 'out there' as if you were writing
      them. Use the same short boring words or small phrases, always
      looking as if you could actually see them but never imagining up in
      your head as would be the natural way to imagine, but always forward
      into space. Then, keep changing the distance and the size of these
      same words from tiny in the far distance to middle distance and huge
      right under your nose. Make the sounds of the letters as you do this
      but don't think about their meaning. Mainly concentrate like a first
      grader with his notebook. Do it right before bed, then lay right
      down to go to sleep.

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Dragonpuffs wrote:
      > >There are lots of simple enough for anyone to do
      > >exercises that are neither spiritual or religeous. In time, the
      > >linear mind will weaken from less use and the wholistic mind
      > >strengthen and then they'll be no contest and no ego corruption
      > >neither of light worker nor of ego buster, just a nice shiny
      > >pot of real space.
      > Question from Email:
      > Thanks so much for this.....have been lurking
      > without actually joining, nor wanting to
      > enter the fray.
      > Are the exercises to which you refer,
      > meditational?
      > Which do you happen to recommend?
      > Thank you.
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