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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 23 11:17 AM
      There is a veil that once torn asunder reveals our unity with the
      infinite, eternal Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss that is Reality.
      The moment of this Realization is not a new beginning of
      Understanding, but rather a return to the everlasting Truth that was,
      is, and always in all ways has been the underlying condition of our
      existence. A change in perspective from "Apart from the rest of the
      Universe" to "The heart of the Universe" occurs and ends all the
      illusionary physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual suffering we
      have dreamt we were in. Pure Consciousness stands over the illusion,
      acknowledges it without reactivity, and acts dispassionately
      compassionately. Knowing at-oneness with the ever-present Love that
      permeates everything everywhere, life is experienced. The aim of the
      Meditation Society of America, and this group, is to share those
      things that will help you tear your veil of delusion.