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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 9, 2002
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      The description of the Hamsa technique on the site you went to is
      actually incomplete. The "real" method is to just listen to the sound
      of your inhalation and the sound of the exhalation. Saying the words
      Ham and Sa are only preliminaries to this ancient technique. The word
      Soham is also used the same way, and is more commonly prescribed. In
      Sanscrit, the sound of the inhalation is termed So, and the
      exhalation is Ham. the word Soham is translated as "I Am That". This
      is referred to as the "Mahamantra", the Greatest Mantra, and is
      considered along with Om to be the most powerful of all techniques.
      The first sound we heard when we were in our mothers womb was the
      sound of her breath, and this sound has been with us ever since we
      drew our first breath. It negates the need to rely on any of the
      words of the languages of the world, whether human or animal. The
      ancient cavemen, before they had invented language or fire, would sit
      in their dark caves and have nothing else to focus on but the sound
      of their breath. Thus, this was the first meditation technique. It
      has brought people to transcendence of the wordly limitations from
      time immemorial and continues to do so. It can be done even while
      driving, working, and doing other acts of daily life and thereby
      offers a continuous experience of being in the present and an
      opportunity to know Reality, which only takes place now, in the
      present. Soham/Hamsa is a wonderful meditation technique and I hope
      will bring you the experience of Knowledge, Consciousness, and Bliss
      that is your birthright.

      <pontifexmaxim@h...> wrote:
      > Last night I went to
      > <html>http://www.rivermaya.com/sadhana.html</html>. I tried
      > their "hamsa" mantra technique and found a more positive result. I
      > also realized that I should not have laid down, nor should I have
      > brought myself to normal awareness quite so quickly, which is what
      > caused my dizziness.
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