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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 8, 2002
      Welcome! Generally speaking, if something takes your peace away, it's
      "bad", and if something let's you know real peace, it's "good". If
      your admirable intention to change your confusion to clarity was
      distracted by the dizzy feelings you experienced from the 4-4-8
      technique, it probably indicates that this method is "bad" for you.
      Of course, it can be said that one person's "dizzy" is another persons
      "high", and for them, the exact same result from doing the 4-4-8
      technique would be "good". Actually, It doesn't matter very much if
      we call the experience good or bad. What is very important is that
      your inner Witness recognized the dizzy effect. This indicates that
      you were present, in the moment, alert to the reality of your life as
      it was taking place. You had put aside the usual habitual fantasizing
      about the future or rehashing the past, and were in the eternal NOW.
      This is the only time "clarity" can occur, and where there is
      clarity, there is no confusion. And the abscence of confusion is one
      of the prerequesits of being at peace. So, in a very real way, the
      meditation was probably more beneficial for you than if you would
      have had a mystical vision, or levitated, or if some other fantastic
      event happened.
      Persevere, try other techniques. You are close to realizing the
      Witness as your Real Self and being aware that it is always present
      and ready to let you merge with the greatest present - real peace.
      One technique is to simply inhale what you seek, saturate yourself
      with it and exhale that which you want to be rid of. This is called
      the 1-1-1 pranayama (breathing technique). For instance, you would
      fill with clarity, feel it fill you, and exhale confusion. The 1
      could be for any time frame that is comfortable for you. Perhaps
      inhale clarity for 1 second, hold the breath and saturate every
      aspect of your being with purifying clarity for 1 second, and then
      exhale all confusion for 1 second. Whatever feels right is the correct
      time frame for your breathing pattern. You might also like to try the
      Dalai Lama technique which is also on the Meditation Station site
      http://www.meditationsociety.com This method allows you to replace
      all "bad" characteristics with "good" ones, and you don't have to
      deal with your breath at all. In any event, please be patient with
      your meditation evolution. There are wonder-full and beneficial
      experiences ahead. You have always been at one with the inner
      Witness, and you will definitly recognize this more and more and will
      gain the clarity you seek and more than you ever dreamed as well.

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      <pontifexmaxim@h...> wrote:
      > I've recently tried the 4-4-8 breathing meditation for 3 sets of 12
      > cycles as was recommended in the article on meditationsociety.com.
      > After doing this, I became very dizzy and surprised, because I was
      > dizzy. Before inhaling I thought of the word "clarity" and before
      > exhaling I thought of "confusion". My goal is to interpret things
      > more clearly and to spend more time working.
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