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203About struggling with spirituality

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Mar 5, 2002
      Question From Email: You have a wonderful site. I just had a simple
      question. How do you feel about those who are struggling with their
      spirituality and basically which direction to take it? This has
      been a terrible dilemma of mine for quite some time. Could Meditation
      possibly help me find the answers I am looking for? Any words of
      inspiration would be greatly appreciated.
      Everyone is suffering and struggling. Even "evil" people do what they
      do because it is their effort to escape the misery of their
      existence. Look at school yard bullies. Everyone thinks that what
      do is wrong, but to them, it feels like they have some
      control in their life and this gives them some degree of self esteem.
      Yes, it is false, but so are most of the things that "good"
      people do to feel good about themselves. Their actions are merely
      temporary ones that soon end and the feeling of insecurity hits
      them again, and they then seek new ways to regain the feeling of
      security their "good" actions gave them. No different than the
      bully! The real answer is to find out who is the Real Self that is
      unchangeable, eternal, and always secure. Meditation is the best
      way to recognize the false, and see the true. When you see that the
      cause of your headache is because you have been hitting your
      head against the wall, you will stop it, and the pain will go away.
      Similarly, if you stop banging your head, the time you had
      wasted doing that can be used to finding things to do that actually
      soothe your head. That's how meditation works. You
      recognize the inappropriate, suffering causing things you have been
      doing, and replace them with the actions that enrich your life.
      Specifically, the more you meditate, the more at one you become with
      the inner Witness that is your Real Self. Unchanging,
      silent, ever aware. The pure consciousness that "Knows". It was
      present in you when you were just a baby and couldn't even label
      things as good or bad. It is still present and is the awareness that
      right this moment can witness any physical, mental, or
      emotional tension you are experiencing. And once recognized, puts you
      in the position of being able to change course to one
      that's much more beneficial. No more headaches, and alot less damage
      to the walls you've been banging into also! Find a
      meditation technique or two that feel comfortable to you, and
      meditate. You will surely evolve and thrive.