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20Silencing The Buzz

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  • rainbowtoh
    Sep 21, 2001
      Anxiety for many of us is a continual presence.
      Like a hive of bees in the garden we may all of got
      used to there constant buzz of worry. That much that
      we may no longer even notice it.<br>Here is a
      visualization exercise that I learned called, 'Silencing The
      Buzz'.<br><br>Sit comfortable and close your eyes. Imagine that you
      are walking down a path in a silent forest. Soon you
      come across a clearing. Walk slowly to the centre of
      the glade and sit down.<br><br>As if from nowhere
      animals surround you. They mean no harm, but each
      represents a concern. The larger the animal the greater the
      anxiety. (for example a gazelle may represent a work
      deadline and a lion may represent a problem within a
      relationship).<br><br>In another part of the glade is a beehive. Bees
      swarm near by, making the buzz of free flowing
      worry.<br><br>Gently touch each animal. As you do so, they quieten and
      disappear into the forest. The only sound left is the buzz
      of the bees.<br><br>Imagine all your tiny worries
      one by one entering the hive, until the glade is
      silent. Your worries are still, your concerns will be
      dealt with another day. All around is peace.
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