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  • jhndnnse
    Feb 28, 2002
      Hello! I've done a bit researching about meditation and I am very
      glad to find out about this club.

      I tried a certain technique last night that I read at
      meditationsociety.com and I'm not quite sure what state I have
      reached during the meditation.

      I took my sleepiness for granted to meditate thinking it would be
      easier for me to go "deep", it took quite a while after persistent
      saying of "love" in my mind that has been interrupted for a lot of
      times. In a surprising moment, there was a sudden brightness
      (somewhat pink) that appeared like someone deliberately put a light
      directly on my closed eyes. I thought for a moment that maybe it was
      the candle that was lighted but I realized I didn't light the candle

      My whole body was numb and very light, I even thought maybe I could
      lift myself into the air. I was holding a candle between my palms and
      I can't even feel I was holding something. My mind was very alert
      now, like I was totally awake, yet my body feels nothing, like I
      exist but only with my head or mind that is present. I still keep on
      saying "love" and other things related to it.

      Though I am pleased with the experience, I still feel I can't release
      the energy I have inside. I was trying to release the love/energy
      inside of me through the candle, but all I could do was say the
      word "love".
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