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18840Pema Chodron on Taming The Mind

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 15, 2014
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      This has to do with the importance of a basic attitude offriendliness. Sometimes when our thoughts are like little fleas thatjump off our noses, we just see the little flickers of thought, likeripples, which might have a very liberating quality. For the first timeyou might feel, ---My goodness! There's so much space, and it's alwaysbeen here."  

      Another time it might feel like that elephant is sitting onyou, or like you have your own private pornographic movie going on, oryour own private war, in technicolor and stereo. It's important torealize that meditation doesn't prefer the flea to the elephant, orvice versa. It is simply a process of seeing what is, noticing that,accepting that, and then going on with life, which, in terms of thetechnique, is coming back to the simplicity of nowness, the simplicityof the out-breath. Whether you are completely caught up in discursivethought for the entire sitting period, or whether you feel thatenormous sense of space, you can regard either one with gentleness anda sense of being awake and alive to who you are. Either way, you canrespect that. So taming teaches that meditation is developing anon-aggressive attitude to whatever occurs in your mind. It teaches thatmeditation is not considering yourself an obstacle to yourself; infact, it's quite the opposite.


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