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18774RE: Chattering Mind!

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 29, 2014
      The Inner Chatterer is abnormal and is the situation 99% of us are experiencing. It leads us here and there and at one time says "This is good" and then at another time says "This is bad" for the exact same situation. The Inner Chatterer is ever changing and this proves its unreality. The Real Self is unchanging and has always been the silent Witness of our life as it takes place. This Inner Witness has no and causes no judgement, commentary, or emotional, physical, or mental reactivity, all of which the Inner Chatterer produces.
      The way to silence the chatterer is not to try to, but rather to be at one with the Inner Witness and simply and silently witness your life's events as they take place now...and now... and now...in this moment and every moment. This takes and is real Self-control and brings freedom from the ever erratic reactivity that allowing the Inner Chatterer cycling us from up to down, from happy to sad, from questioning to knowing, etc. always causes.
      When you witness some action or reaction that takes away your peace, being in the position of Witness allows you the opportunity to cease and desist the negativity and redirect your Self to being at Peace. Your specific method of being at peace will vary from others, and as you age and experience life, your method may change. But for sure, your Inner Witness never changes and the more at one with it you are, the more at peace you will be.
      You can count 100% on your thoughts, emotions, and physical experiences to end. The only hope for having a life after they go is if your consciousness, your Inner Witness continues. Being at one with it lets you live your life in peace now as it happens ... and potentially ... living happily ever after.
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