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RE: Wake Up!

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      That passage from Gudjieff reminded me of this one from Fechner:



      As a student, I knew an office boy, who was not able to get himself out of bed easily. But you could get him up the following way. I called to him every five minutes and yelled the same word, "Arise!" to him. The first time it had no success, the second time he said: "Leave me alone!" The third time: "Go away!" The fourth time he was silent, but boiling mad, the fifth time he began to rant and curse; he cried: "It is unbearable!" The sixth time he really couldn’t stand it any longer, he jumped out of bed to pounce on me, but his anger soon vanished. By that time he was even a little glad to get out of bed, and did not lie down again.


      So I have done the same. I spoke to an audience stuck in the bed of old views with my Little Book of Life after Death: "Get up!" and I spoke a second time with my Nanna: The Soul Life of Plants. "Arise!" I said a third time with my Zend-Avesta, “Stand up!" I said a fourth time with my moon book: "Wake up!"


      I now speak a fifth time: "Get up!" and if I live, I will a sixth and seventh time holler "Get up!" And it is always just the same, "Wake up! Arise!”


      --Gustave Fechner, The Daylight View [in my own questionable translation]


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