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18728The Eternal View of Life and Death

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Oct 28, 2013
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      By Bette Rose


       While we are all here on Earth, we attach a tremendous importance to our physical bodies. Some call it ego, some self–preservation or preservation of our species. And sometimes we become so enamored of the look or feel of our bodies, that we lose sight of the true purpose of Hatha Yoga teachings – to create a union of body, mind, and spirit, equally, with no one part of the continuum reigning supreme over another – to live in balance and harmony, while in this body, however temporarily, and to use the pranic energy flow through the breath, the meditative and peaceful state of the mind, and the good health of the body to achieve clarity and purity, while still here in this earthly form, so that we will, at some point, be able to drop the physical body (and mind) and achieve pure samadhi and merge spiritually with the entire universe, as it is, rather than as we have perceived it.


      I recently had the auspicious privilege of witnessing a dear loved one desperately trying to detach from her body and this physical plane for many weeks and in her words “It’s not easy to die”. I was never conscious of that before – but from this event, I have come to understand that, no matter what our differences and disparities of beliefs about where our bodies go after physical death, it is the one common thread that binds us together – it is the one path that we will all walk, run, crawl, or be dragged kicking and screaming down – or up – without exception.


      So now, the importance of learning to live in this body, and also to leave it appropriately is appreciated as the essential nature of practicing Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is not just for the present, but is for the eternal and infinite, and that is one of its greatest presents.

      Spread peace through Yoga and Meditation. Shanti, Shanti, OM

      Bette taught Hatha Yoga for 25 years and is the

      Vice President of the Meditation Society of America