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  • medit8ionsociety
    Oct 5, 2013

      Too much emphasis these days is put on what we've experienced in past lifetimes

      and what we will experience in future ones. We must instead learn to appreciate

      this incarnation for all it has to offer.

      See yourself as wealthy, if you need to be in order to finally understand that real
      peace isn't a matter of material wealth.

      See yourself as poor, if you need to gain compassion for those less fortunate than you.

      See yourself as physically healthy, if you need to learn that perfect health will not necessarily bring true peace.

      See yourself as sickly, if you need to gain compassion for those who are ill.

      See yourself as a genius, if you need to learn that mental brilliance doesn't bring peace.

      See yourself as mentally challenged, if you need to learn compassion for those who
      aren't bright.

      See yourself as healthy, wealthy, and wise, if you need to incarnate this
      way so you can use your health, wealth, and wisdom to be at peace and to spread
      that peace to everyone, everywhere.

      Seeing yourself this way in the future allows you to start being healthy, wealthy, and
      wise in this lifetime, and live that way in all future lifetimes.