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18680Visualization of Cellular Healing

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jul 21, 2013
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      Visualization of Cellular Healing

      When you go to a doctor, s/he prescribes a medication
      for you to take, or a treatment you will undergo, your
      body starts the healing process before the medicine is
      in your system or the exercise or surgical procedure has
      taken place. For most people, just seeing a doctor gives
      confidence that healing will occur. Depending on the
      patient’s cultural background, this is true whether the
      physician is a neurosurgeon at the Mayo Clinic or a
      tribal witch doctor. This is attributable to an extraordinary
      healing ability of the body by a process known as the placebo
      effect. What happens is that healing starts when you believe
      it will occur. Your mind buys into it and your body makes
      it happen. The great physician and humanitarian, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, gives us this insight â€"
      “ The witch doctor succeeds for the same reason all the rest
      of us (medical doctors) succeed. Each patient carries his own
      doctor inside himself. They come to us not knowing that truth.
      We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within
      each patient a chance to go to work.”

      Our body is a fantastic chemical factory that is capable
      of seemingly unbelievable things. For instance, there is the
      case of a 95-pound woman lifting up a two-ton car to save
      the life of her child who was trapped under its weight. This
      was due to a gigantic adrenaline release. As impressive a
      display of adaptability to a need this is, our body is capable
      of doing even more seemingly miraculous feats. Perhaps the
      most impressive of all is its’ ability to heal itself â€" of

      There are several methods dealing with visualizing healing meditatively at the cellular level. To begin any of them,
      use the position, breathing pattern, physical relaxing
      technique, and emptying of mental and emotional reactivity
      that you have found best prepares you to fill with the object
      of your meditation. Try each of these ways separately, and
      try combining them until your healing has occurred. This may
      take mere seconds, or decades, as has whatever happened to
      you that now needs a change back to wellness.

      1. In your minds eye, see aberrant or inflamed cells changing
      into healthy cells. If there is a damaged or corrupted area
      within the cells, visualize them changing and becoming free
      from injury. See your whole body becoming pure. Visualize yourself
      as perfectly healthy.

      2. There are cells within your body that act as protectors
      and actually attack and kill damaging invader cells. See
      these warrior cells destroy those cells that could cause you
      injury. See your whole body becoming pure. Visualize yourself
      as perfectly healthy.

      3. There are cells within your body that eat threatening cells.
      See them devour the harm causing structures. See your whole
      body becoming pure. Visualize yourself as perfectly healthy.

      4. Visualize groups of healthy cells combining to replace any
      damaged areas of your body. For instance, if you have suffered
      a broken bone, see the cells come together in healing, bonding together to reform a complete structure. Visualize the bone as perfectly healthy.

      5. Visualize healing energy filling you. The energy can be felt
      to originate from a higher power that gifts you with healing.
      See this holy energy filling and changing your cellular structure
      to a perfect condition. Watch as the specific organ, body system,
      or part heals. See your whole body becoming pure. Visualize
      yourself as perfectly healthy.

      6. Visualize yourself standing, sitting, or prostrating in front
      of your personal deity. See your deity heal you by touch. See
      your deity heal you by sending divine energy to you. See your
      deity end your suffering. See your whole body becoming pure. Visualize yourself as perfectly healthy.

      7. Get an anatomy book and study the body structure you want
      healing to take place in. Look at how the part appears when in
      a state of perfection. When doing a healing visualization
      meditation, see your body part as being in this state of perfection.

      8. If you are suffering from pain, see in your minds eye, as
      clearly as possible, the nerve endings that are in the specific
      area of your discomfort, or all of the nerve endings in your
      entire body. With every inhalation, feel and visualize healing
      air flowing from a higher power and enter you and fill your
      lungs. See your red blood cells absorb the air through the walls
      of your lungs and flow through your arteries spreading healing
      oxygen to every cell in your body. Witness the inflamed nerve
      endings become soothed and witness your body start to glow with wellbeing and serenity.

      Perhaps the most important suggestion of all is to sincerely
      want the healing to take place and believe that it will occur.
      The Meditation Society of America doesn’t favor one religion
      over another, or even suggest that one has to believe in God at
      all for the benefits of meditation to help you, but we do
      sometimes quote from religious sources. In this case, we cite
      the Bible â€" Mark 11:24 “… what things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” This 2000-year-old statement is in perfect accord with the most
      cutting edge scientific and medical understanding of the 21st century. To quote Dr. Herbert Benson of the Harvard Medical
      “We know that belief can lead to healing or at least improvement
      in 50 percent to 90 percent of diseases, including asthma,
      angina pectoris, and skin rashes, many form of pain, rheumatoid arthritis, congestive heart failure. They're all influenced by belief. We in medicine have made fun of belief by
      calling it the "placebo effect," or insisting that "It's all in
      your head." Yet, belief is one of the most powerful healing tools
      we have in our therapeutic arsenal.”