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18664Meditation is About Losing the Suffering

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 23, 2013
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      A common phase meditators go through is that when the light
      of introspection is pointed to the subconscious, and the dark
      negative stuff there is revealed, the beginner meditator is
      often horrified at what they see. Or at least embarrassed in
      front of their own eyes. It can be very upsetting when you see
      how foolish/selfish/mean/etc. we have been acting, and a very
      common result is a negative self image. Please be quick to
      forgive yourself your transgressions/sins/stupidity/etc. There
      is no need to suffer further from your negative habits, and you
      need now only be positive. Your karma has and will work itself
      out as it may, but it is squandering good energy after bad to be
      down on yourself, or sad about what you have seen. Love yourself.

      Feel and know that you have simply learned a lesson and the
      most positive thing you have learned is to not repeat the
      negative. Sulking/depression/etc. is furthering the problem.
      Be gentle with everyone, starting with yourself. You are
      purging of all that causes your suffering and can now start
      to function free of the obstacles that your inappropriate
      (takes your peace away) actions caused.

      It is time to live happily now and ever after.