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18649Meditation Moments

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 2, 2013
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      Meditation inevitably leads to having first-hand
      experience that there are other “Realities” than
      the usual states of consciousness of seemingly simply
      being awake, asleep or dreaming. At times you/we/me
      will have what could be called atomic microscopic
      vision, and at other times, Hubble telescopic vision,
      that show that what we perceive with our eyes, and
      even with our imagination, is incredibly limited and
      faulty and entirely veil and cause us to miss the
      dances of pre-atomic and trans-galactic energy that
      are always being pre-formed and performed. Similarly
      with our other “senses”… Our hearing doesn’t perceive
      the celestial harmonies that are always chiming,
      vibrating and exquisitely singing, nor does our sense
      of touch feel the caresses that never are unconnected
      to every atom and subatomic energy flowing without and
      within our fleshy prison. We taste but a trillionth of
      the universal feast and smell only the subtlest of the
      divine fragrances that are always a present divine present.

      These are just a tiny sampling of the stunning inner-divine
      eye opening revelatory meditative moments that are and that
      will be. But in a way all these pale in comparison to the
      simplest yet most profound undeniable realization of all:
      that there is no difference or separate “it” … just “I” in
      you/we/me eternally, infinitely, beautifully, lovingly
      and peacefully. And we will live happily ever after.
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