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18624The Metaphysics of Vedic Spirituality

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  • drfmrls
    Apr 23, 2013
      The Metaphysics of Vedic Spirituality
      A Video Event With
      Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya

      Can God be known, or is He completely unknowable? Do time, space and causality
      exist in the spiritual realm? What is form and substance? What is the difference
      between relative facts versus absolute truth? Is God a personal or impersonal
      being? What is the difference between the spiritual and empirical realities? All
      these questions and more are addressed in this video with the profound depth,
      philosophical expertise and spiritual authority that only Sri Dharma Pravartaka
      Acharya can provide us! If you are ready to enter deeply into the world of Vedic
      metaphysics, we invite you to watch this enlightening talk by one of the world's
      most astounding spiritual masters.



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      Jaya Sri Rama