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18561RE: [Meditation Society of America] achieving heaven with in the mind

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  • Aideen Mckenna
    Feb 4, 2013

      Hi Candace,


      If we look at the histories of the world’s nations, read the scriptures of all the known religions, see the plays from ancient Greece…etc. … we don’t see any time when humans were any more loving than they are now. We always seem to have been struggling with the same problems, sometimes being magnificent, sometimes base.  Maybe now that we’re aware of how small a planet we inhabit, we’re starting to realize that if we don’t learn to love ourselves/others & our home on this Earth, we’re going to wipe ourselves out as a species. 

      That’s my take on it, anyway.





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      I remember when I was going through one of my phases I would constantly ask why do I fear and can we live and get a long be civil with out fear. I still don't how to answer that question to myself but what I came up with is achieving heaven in the mind is when we sincerely have love for other and ourselves. But my question do u think. Once ever in time we had that love and just over time lost or has this prob been one of our focus points to delveloping a higher state or consiousness for years.

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