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18538Re: [Meditation Society of America] need advice on fasting

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  • Shelia Chughtai
    Jan 20, 2013
      Peace Be Unto You,
      When you are fasting particularly when doing a juice fast, you will always use natural fruits and vegetables.
      The only sugar that you will be consuming will  be  natural unless you want to add honey, or natural
      stevia, etc....You don't want to use any juice that is not 100% juice as this would be unhealthy.  Also,
      is your body ready for a fast? If your current health is ok--both physical, mental, spiritual- as fasting
      will help in these areas as well as others. Make sure that you're getting proper nutrients and stay
      hydrated. Remember as you  detox that your body is cleansing itself in many ways.  Make sure that
      your juices that you consume supply your proper nutrients.
      Also, before going on a juice fast, it might be necessary to make some dietary changes that can
      accomodate you while you are on your fast whether it be a juice fast, or that of raw foods. It takes
      time to get your body off of meats, sugars, fatty foods,etc... This takes time.  You don't want to
      make yourself sick. Take some small steps. Watch  and make sure that you get enough calories.
      If I can further help please let me know.

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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] need advice on fasting
      I never had fasted and my question is ist still consider that u fasting when your drinking juice. M.the impression that I getting that it isnt because your body is trying to detox and instead its filling up on sugar. But idk what is your opinion on this

      P.s im considering on going on a fast

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