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18531Heaven and Hell

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 15, 2013
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      Heaven and hell

      by Paulo Coelho on February 11, 2008

      A violent samurai warrior with a reputation for p
      rovoking fights for no reason arrived at the gates
      of a Zen monastery and asked to speak to the master.

      Without hesitating, Ryokan went to meet him.

      `They say that intelligence is more powerful than brute force,'
      said the samurai. `Can you explain to me what heaven and hell are?'

      Ryokan said nothing.

      `You see?' bellowed the samurai. `I could explain quite easily:
      to show someone what hell is, you just have to punch them.
      To show them what heaven is, you just have threaten them with terrible violence and then let them go.'

      `I don't talk to stupid people like you,' said the Zen master.

      The blood rushed to the samurai's head. His brain became thick
      with hatred.

      `That is hell,' said Ryokan, smiling. `Allowing yourself to be
      upset by silly remarks.'

      Taken aback by the monk's courage, the samurai warrior softened.

      `And that is heaven,' said Ryokan, inviting him in. `Not reacting
      to foolish provocations.'