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18515A madzhub goes Dooo Beee Dooo Beee Dooo

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  • Sandeep
    Dec 24 10:26 AM
      Madzhub is a term used to refer to one who appears to be a
      simpleton..... but really one who is one with oneness.

      One day this madzhub was moving in the city... in the middle of the
      night......happily singing and shuffling to the beat of Dooo Beee Doooo.

      It so happened that curfew had been declared in that city...and so no
      one was allowed to move about.

      A policeman caught the madzhub asked, "Who are you?"

      The Madzhub stopped his singing and shuffling.

      He did not know how to answer that particular question in
      words........within the conventions of language.

      So he did not answer.

      The policeman asked, "Are you a thief?"

      "Yes," replied the madzhub, because when the self is not..

      ... any name that is given is accepted.

      Now, a so-called Guru would be very offended to be called a thief.

      They took him in the police station and he was there for the whole
      night, quite happy and resuming his singing and shuffling..... as happy
      as he was singing and shuffling on the road.

      There was no feeling of insult, no lamentation as to where the madzhub
      found himself....

      ... for even the question of acceptance or un-acceptance is not of any
      relevance for an empty cup.

      A title was offered and was accepted.

      In the morning,... the station officer came, and he recognized the
      madzhub for what he was.

      He said, "I am surprised to find him here."

      The policeman said, "He himself said that he was a thief."

      "Did you call him a thief. "

      The policeman said, "Yes."

      The officer said, "I am not surprised.

      That 'I' which holds everything to oneself is crushed and effaced and
      thrown away.

      That 'I' is no longer there, in him.

      And therefore all names are his name, all forms are his form, and the
      whole cosmos is his own being.

      You cannot hold him behind any type of bars.....for there is no longer
      any difference between behind and beyond for him.

      Let him sing and dance in the open......so that maybe the multitude will
      breathe in some of that beneficence".