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  • lindamdc
    Dec 15, 2012
      I am new to meditation, too. It is my experience that meditation is a practice just as yoga is a practice. It comes by practicing and doing it regularly. There are no quick and easy "tricks". For me, it is all about enjoying the journey and learning what resonates with me. Each meditation is different.

      I find it best to sit quietly and I listen to Dr. Wayne Dyer's "I Am Meditation" (but any meditation is fine). I then sit quietly with my eyes shut and clear my chakras. Then I ask myself: "What do I need to know?" If my mind gets cluttered with dialogue, I gently thank it and refocus on my breathing. In through the nose...out through the mouth breathing from the belly.

      I have found that I can go to my local library and there are guided meditations I can borrow and also New Age music I can use.

      Also, if you google "Om Meditation" youtube has different Om Meditations for different lengths of time. I have found these very helpful.

      I have wondered about TM and have heard that it is very over rated and expensive. But I do not have any direct experience. If you have a friend that knows about TM maybe that would be helpful. I would be curious to know what techniques your friends teaches in relation to TM.

      Hope this was helpful and good luck with your meditation practice.


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      > I would greatly appreciate advice on getting off on right foot in this meditation stuff. I have been to one lecture where the primary aim was to pick my pocket. A friend who is a yoga instructor has offered to work with me on initial TM techniques. What to do, what to do? DD
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