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18489How to keep Hell full

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Dec 13, 2012
      By Paulo Coelho

      According to a traditional story, at the moment
      when the Son of God expired on the cross, He went
      straight to Hell in order to save sinners.

      The Devil was most put out.

      `I have no other function in the universe,' he said.
      `From now on, all the delinquents who broke the rules,
      committed adultery and infringed the religious laws
      will be sent straight to Heaven!'

      Jesus looked at him and smiled:

      `Don't worry,' he said to the poor Devil. `All those
      who judge themselves to be full of virtue and therefore
      spend their lives condemning those who follow my word,
      they will come here. Just wait a few hundred years and
      you'll find that Hell is fuller than ever!'