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18472Relax And Float Downstream

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 23, 2012
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      As there is no point in expending energy that serves no end
      benefit, ease your tension consciously. Relax the muscles that
      need not be in use right now (and it's always "right now").
      For instance, now you are sitting down reading these words.
      Do your shoulders need to be so tight? Do your jaw muscles
      have to be ready to speak? Are your legs loose as they can be
      without your falling over? Know your body and awaken to the
      flight or fight activity that is so commonly pouring your
      strength down the proverbial drain needlessly. You're floating
      in air, which is even lighter than water. Keep your inner eye
      alert to anything pulling you down. Your intense intent is to
      be free and easily flowing through your life, not to be stuck
      in the same uptight postures moment after moment, uncomfortably
      maintaining poses that are dysfunctional and even painful. All
      unnecessarily. Real Self-control is using your awareness to
      liberate yourself from discomfort of any kind. Witness what your
      body is doing and set it and your Self free. You'll live happily
      and more energetically ever after.