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18423New article: Letting Go of the Past with Mindfulness Meditation

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  • Charles Francis - The Mindfulness Meditat
    Sep 13, 2012
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      Hi Everyone!

      I wanted to inform you that I just posted a new article on our blog,
      which I think you will find interesting: Letting Go of the Past with
      Mindfulness Meditation, Part 1.

      This article discusses how our attachments keep us anchored in the
      past, and how to let them go, so we realize true freedom and happiness
      in our present-day relationships. It also includes a free guided
      meditation to help you begin the process. You can read it at:


      I hope it helps you on your spiritual journey.

      Warm regards,
      Charles A. Francis
      The Mindfulness Meditation Institute

      P.S. Please remember to share it with others on social media.