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18408New article: Reprogram Your Brain to Improve Relationships

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  • Charles Francis - The Mindfulness Meditat
    Aug 29, 2012
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      Dear Friends,

      Here at the Mindfulness Meditation Institute we developed a meditation
      technique to help improve our relationships and heal the wounds from our
      past. We call it writing meditation. It is a variation of the
      loving-kindness meditation commonly practiced in various spiritual
      traditions. However, instead of reciting or listening to the
      affirmations, we write them down on paper.

      Yesterday Dr. Elisha Goldstein, licensed psychologist and author of the
      book “The Now Effect,” published an article about our writing meditation
      technique on his blog. In the article, he talks about how the practice
      influences our subconscious minds to automatically be more kind and
      compassionate toward ourselves and others. You can read the full article


      I hope you enjoy the article and that it helps you on your spiritual

      Warm regards,
      Charles A. Francis
      The Mindfulness Meditation Institute