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18381Hi Everyone, I am new to the group

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  • Charles Francis - The Mindfulness Meditat
    Aug 7, 2012
      Hi Everyone!

      My name is Charles Francis. I just joined this group, and I wanted to
      introduce myself. Like everyone else in this group, I am interested in
      spiritual development. I have been meditating for 17 years now.

      My primary vehicle for spiritual growth is mindfulness meditation. I
      practice daily, and also teach others. I enjoy writing about mindfulness
      meditation, and would like to share my articles occasionally with the
      group, if that is ok. I have my own blog, but I also come across
      interesting articles on other blogs.

      I look forward reading your thoughts on spirituality, and exchanging

      Warm regards,
      Charles A. Francis
      The Mindfulness Meditation Institute