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18349Re: is the risk to kundalni breathring (part two)

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jul 7, 2012
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      "candace_day@..." <candace_day@...> wrote:
      > does the breathe of fire help control emotion or strengthens will if not which meditation technique can?
      Yo Candace,
      I think the Breath of Fire technique is mostly seen
      to be a cleansing technique to add oxygen to your system
      and release tension. If this results in doing just that
      I guess we could say it is safe and beneficial. But if it
      doesn't deal with your paranoia, as I have to assume it has
      not, then for that purpose it isn't functional. As a medical
      professional I have to point you first to seek a Psychiatrist
      and a Psychologist. There are medications and therapies that
      perhaps offer a much greater potential to help with your
      stated issue than just meditation alone. But I definitely
      feel that meditation is a tremendous help towards good
      mental and emotional health. Being in touch with your "Inner
      Witness" that recognizes paranoia enveloping you in its
      suffering-causing grasp is a beneficial step towards responding
      to those moments in a non-reactive observing without fear way.
      And medication, therapy, and meditation all can help this
      process be your default setting.
      I also suggest considering trying different techniques than Kundalini-based ones. I previously pointed you towards the
      Daily Lama technique and I feel Affirmations and other methods
      may also be beneficial. The way to judge if what you are
      doing is "good" is to see if it brings you peace. And if
      it takes your peace away, it is "bad". The Breath of Fire
      seems to have made you paranoid about its safe use and
      thus is probably....for you .... not good. For others, it
      may be the best thing they ever do. But for sure, to know
      which technique is the right one for you, you must actually
      "try it - you'll like it".
      I wish you well.
      Peace and blessings,
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