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18309RE: [Meditation Society of America] how do watch you emotions as well as thoughts

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  • Aideen Mckenna
    Jun 14, 2012
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      That’s what happens.  You notice that you’ve become distracted & you return to your breath or whatever you’ve chosen as a focus.  You look at the intruding thought with “bare attention” i.e. you touch lightly on it & return.  How do you “learn”?  You ARE learning.  You’ve noticed that a thought has drawn you in.  That’s what it’s all about. Don’t get stressed about it – you’re noticing, but not resisting, not pushing the distraction away, just observing its presence. When you get pulled in, you notice that you’ve been pulled in.  Back to square one.  It’s like a baby learning to walk – she gets to her feet in a wobbly fashion, falls down.  Gets up, falls down.  Gets up, falls down.  In time, she achieves some steadiness & can balance long enough to move a foot forward before falling down.  Falling down is NOT failure.  It’s just part of the process.  Don’t worry – keep calm & carry on.   


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      On 14-06-2012 08:29, candace_day@... wrote:


      I feel clueless ive tried focusing on watching thoughts but i always get caught or suceed in to my emotions how do learn. How do u observe them with out getting sucked into the thought or emotion

      When you notice that you have got sucked into the thought(emotion is yet another thought, with maybe some accompanying sensation in the body)...

      ....noticing that you had got "carried away"...

      ....you are back into the detached watching of the drama of thought.

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